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TODAY'S QUOTE: An actor must see and relate to a fellow actor, not a "character". We play football with other human beings, not with the uniforms they are wearing.
Viola Spolin

Jump Theatre - How to make a play is a book on theatre production by Kevin Hanssen.

"Yes we can!"
Kevin grew up in Zimbabwe, and learnt his theatrical trade treading Zimbabwean boards, before launching himself on the international scene. This African experience has shaped his view of theatre, fostering a 'can do' attitude regardless of the circumstances. Jump Theatre explores the ideas of team building and encourages a postive and determined attitude to developing great theatre.

A fantastical world of stories
Theatre is about telling stories, and it takes more than just actors to do that. There is a whole team of people needed to make a show a real success. Jump Theatre explores these many roles and processes, with many examples from the author's personal experiences in the theatre. He has distilled the last twenty years of his theatrical experience into a book that guides the reader through the many varied and wonderful layers of putting together a brilliant play.

The author
Kevin Hanssen is a director, actor, writer and educator. He was a founding member of Over the Edge Theatre Company, performing with the company on three continents over a period of 10 years. Since then he has formed his own company called Jump Productions, and continues to develop his vision and passion for the performing arts in Zimbabwe and abroad.

The publishers
Jump Theatre - How to make a play is a joint venture between Africalia in Belgium and Jump Productions in Zimbabwe. There is more about Africalia in 'about africalia'.

The Sponsors
Production of the book has received support from the following generous sponsors:

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